Comparison of two anti-IFN gamma clones

NIB42 and 4S.B3 are mouse monoclonal antibodies of IgG1 kappa isotype, designed to detect human IFN gamma. They form a Sandwich ELISA pair and can be used also for RIA, immunoprecipitation and functional applications. Moreover, 4S.B3 is being used even for Western blotting, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry, and hence we manufacture it also in fluorescent conjugated formats.


 Fig. 1: Schematic image of NIB42 and 4S.B3 applications.
Available NIB42 formats:
purified (11-705-C100)
Available 4S.B3 formats:
purified (11-706-C100), biotin (1B-706-C100), FITC (1F-706-T100), PE (1P-706-T100), APC (1A-706-T100), PerCP-Cy™5.5 (T9-706-T100), PE-Cy™7 (T7-706-T100)
Another anti-IFN gamma clone G-23:
purified (11-481-C100)

4S_B3_IFN-gamma.jpgFig. 2: Flow cytometry analysis (intracellular staining) of IFN gamma in PHA-activated human PBMC with anti-IFN gamma (4S.B3) APC.

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