Company profile

Helping our customers to clearly see every cell in the flow

EXBIO is the leading manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies and reagents for research and clinical applications with the focus on multi-color flow cytometry analysis of human cellular markers.

Our comperhensive portfolio of more than 4 000 off-the-shelf products covers a diverse set of areas including Hematology, Immunology, Cancer, Stem cells, and Cell Biology. With the experienced cytometry experts and biotech engineers, EXBIO offers to our customers long-term validated antibody markers in the broad selection of fluorochrome conjugates.

Our commitment to the customer's needs, supported by our integrated quality management system compliant with ISO 13485:2016,  ISO9001:2015 and cGMP (21 CFR part 820), allow us to accomplish our mission:

EXBIO strives to exceed the most demanding customer expectations in the field of analytical cytometry by providing a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products and services at affordable prices.


EXBIO Milestones


Largest infrastructure expansion in history of EXBIO completed. Operations in 2 brand-new buildings have been launched - Manufacture and Logistics centre (4 250 sq.m) and Headquarters/ Business administration centre (550 sq.m.) - to ensure design, development, manufacture and global supply of flow cytometry reagents, both for research and diagnostic applications.


EXBIO acquires Apronex, a small biotech company with expertise in recombinant protein technologies, in order to meet growing customers demands specifically on allergy-screening assays.


EXBIO launches the new logo, graphical design and website to enter into new 20-years-period of serving its customers and commitment to their needs.


EXBIO begins further increase in product realization capacities.  Construction of two additional buildings (3 500 sq.m. and 500 sq.m.) is approved by local governmental authorities.
Integrated quality management system is certified as compliant with ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.


EXBIO launches automated machinery for product filling and labeling.


Further expansion of production capacity is achieved and EXBIO opens the brand-new manufacture premises (1 100 sq.m.) in order to provide its customers the opportunity to contract manufacture under cGMP environment.


Fluorescent Tandem dye technology development is accomplished. First tandem dye (PE-Cy™7) primary antibody conjugates are introduced in to the catalog product offerings.


Website Product catalog lists over 2 500 items as the result of massive in-licensing and product development strategy in previous  years.
Top management forms the new company vision »A Brighter Future in Flow«


EXBIO moves (again) into a brand-new facility  (2 200 sq.m.) in order to effectively respond to the customer‘s needs for large volumes of product and contract manufacture operations.  


EXBIO expands the scope of quality management system and receives certification for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.


First set of immunophenotyping reagents was developed and placed on market as IVD  CE medical devices.


EXBIO receives the certification for the compliance of its quality management system with ISO 9001:2000.


Alexa Fluor® and Pacific Blue™ primary antibody conjugates are introduced in to the catalog product offerings.
EXBIO initiates  hybridoma in-licensing programme with world-wide universities and research institutions to expand product portfolio for the multicolor flow cytometry.


EXBIO establishes the large-scale bioprocess technologies to respond the customer‘s demands for contract manufacture of purified monoclonal antibody batches in the gram quantities.


EXBIO moves its operations from rented space to the brand-new facility (800 sq. m.) built-up by own design in Vestec, Czech Republic.


EXBIO develops and starts manufacturing first fluorochrome-conjugated monoclonal antibodies for flow cytometry applications.


EXBIO launches first website and starts selling the catalog products for research under EXBIO brand to end-users.
Products offered under OEM contracts are listed in catalogs of world-wide vendors and manufacturers.


Change of the organizational structure of EXBIO Ltd. results in the registration of the new joint-stock company EXBIO Praha, a.s.


Manufacture processes for the production of conditioned culture supernatant followed by affinity-chromatography purification of monoclonal antibodies are established.


EXBIO begins producing mouse ascitic fluid and signs the first OEM manufacture contracts to  supply bulk quantities to the antibody manufacturers worldwide.


EXBIO Ltd. is founded as a Spin-off company from the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague.
EXBIO signs exclusive rights to commercialize the collection of unique monoclonal antibodies.


A Brighter Future in Flow

Quality Policy


In order to pursue our vision »A Brighter Future in Flow«, we are committed to meet or exceed the most demanding customer expectations in the field of clinical flow cytometry by providing a comprehensive offering of high quality products and services. We will achieve this through the continuous improvement of our operations, every associate’s awareness and commitment to quality in all aspects of our business and by maintaining an effective quality management system that complies with regulatory requirements.