Licence Notes


EXBIO Licence Note:

EXCELLYSE®, FlowEx® and KOMBITEST™ are trademarks of EXBIO Praha, a.s.

Cytiva License Note:

 Cy™ and CyDye™ are registered trademarks of Cytiva.

Molecular Probes Inc. License Note:

Alexa Fluor®, Pacific BlueTM and Pacific OrangeTM are registered trademarks of Life Technologies Corporation. 
This product is provided under an intellectual property license from Life Technologies Corporation. The transfer of this product conveys to the buyer the non-transferable right to use the purchased amount of the product and components of the product in research conducted by the buyer (whether the buyer is an academic or for-profit entity), including use in flow cytometry that does not utilize a bead-based array, but excluding use in combination with microarrays or high content screening. The sale of this product is expressly conditioned on the buyer not using this product or materials made using this product for any commercial purpose, including (1) in manufacturing; (2) to provide a service, information, or data; (3) for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes; or (4) resale, whether or not such product or such materials are resold for use in research. For information on purchasing a license to this product for purposes other than research, contact Life Technologies Corporation, 5791 Van Allen Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA or

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. License Note:

DyLight™ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidiaries.