Expand the Possibilities with our Dry Reagents


There are many articles written about the challenges that every manager, lead technologist or laboratory staff member of a flow cytometry laboratory has to consider either from time to time or on a daily basis. There is always one pitfall to be addressed, which is the enormous amount of time spent on manual mixing of large quantities of monoclonal antibody panels and the validation of those panels. This task introduces the increased risk of pipetting errors during preparation of what can be expensive antibody cocktails.

What are the possibilities?

Busy clinical flow cytometry laboratory can solve the bottleneck by purchasing a sample preparation system, replacing manual processes with automated ones. The systems available on market have functions that allow custom sample preparation procedures, including on-board antibody cocktail preparation, eliminating operator-dependent variability and pipetting errors. But what if the laboratory does not have sufficient resources to invest in the new pricy equipments?

We have smart solution for your laboratory – Dry Reagent tubes

We developed a method for preparing a mixture of antibody conjugates and drying with stabilizing ingredients that provide protection during drying process and provide long term stability. A Dry Reagent tube is the user-designed multicolor antibody cocktail that is dried as a layer at the bottom of the standard flow cytometry tube.

Supplied in a ready-to-use, single-test format, Dry Reagent tube allow addition of tested sample and direct labeling of target cells, eliminating the need for antibody pipetting and routine cocktail validation, minimizing both operational errors and the risk expensive repeat tests.  

What are the benefits of using Dry Reagents?


  • Dry Reagent tubes are stable at room temperature (do not require refrigeration nor cold chain during the transport) and have much longer shelf-life than liquid antibodies.
  • Dry Reagent tubes eliminate considerable workload specifically in the pre-analytical phase.
  • Dry Reagent tubes provide simplified laboratory workflow (add blood sample, lyse erythrocytes, acquire for analysis) that significantly contributes to standardize flow cytometry immunophenotyping.

How can you order your Dry Reagent tubes?

The journey to your multicolor antibody cocktail dried in the flow cytometry tube starts in the panel design using the portfolio of SingleFlowEx reagents , our premium monoclonal antibody single color reagents manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in our ISO 13485-certified manufacturing site. Please use the SingleFlowEx request form in order to receive special pricing of our GMP-premium antibodies selected specifically for your panel.

When your panel specification is designed, please use the Dry Reagent tube Order form for the manufacturing of your Dry Reagent tubes. Please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance in the filling in this form.


NOTE: Service available for direct customers only, not available via EXBIO Distributors.

Technical and Sales support for Dry Reagents:
Jolana Vosahlova, Ph.D.