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To confirm or exclude defective phagocytosis ( primary and secondary immunodeficiences), or to study influence of any compound on the process, EXBIO offer you effective tools - kits and additional reagents.


HLA-G Antibodies HLA-G.PNG

Understanding the role of HLA-G molecules under normal and pathological situations atracts many researchers and highly specific monoclonal antibodies are needed. EXBIO offers a panel of unique antibodies that have been thoroughly validated by organizers of HLA-G Workshops and are recommended as reference HLA-G antibodies.
On this occasion we want to promote our complex panel of anti-HLA-G antibodies.


Apoptosis solutions by EXBIO

EXBIO offer a complex solution for apoptosis detection via flow cytometry method: ApoFlowEx kit, annexin V in multiple formats, annexin V binding buffer and antibodies to apoptosis related antigens.