OEM Supplies

We offer our OEM partners more than 2 000 products, immediatelly available from stock with the following specification:

  • Purified, azide free, low endotoxin antibodies in 0,1 mg packaging
  • Biotinylated antibodies in 0,1 mg packaging
  • Fluorescently labeled antibodies in 100 test or 0,1 mg packaging (available formats FITC, PE, APC, Alexa Fluor conjugates, Pacific Blue and Pacific Orange conjugates, tandem dye conjugates with Cy dyes and DyLight dyes)


  • CD and related antigens
  • MHC antigens Serum, plasma, and secreted proteins
  • Cytoskeleton and ECM
  • Blood group antigens
  • Nucleus
  • Other intracellular antigens
  • Small organic molecules
  • Tags and labels
  • Microbiology and virology
  • Isotype controls ​

Our OEM services cover supplies of products for re-labelling by our partners, or Full OEM Services - including re-labelling of vials with your company labels, preparation of documentation (Technical Datasheet, CoA and SDS) with your brand name, packaging accordingly to your instructions and other required services.


  • ANNEXIN V: Fluorescently labelled reconbinant protein available for sale under your brand name


For more details, list of available products and pricing, please contact our Sales team at info@exbio.cz.