Custom production of monoclonal antibodies from your own hybridoma

Reliable and cost effective, EXBIO is ready to maintain your hybridoma and produce on demand your mouse monoclonal antibody in BULK quantities.

You supply the hybridoma and we will produce the antibodies following a proven process that yields the highest quality results:

  • Receipt of hybridoma cells from a customer
  • Testing for the presence of mycoplasma; In case of mycoplasma presence, the procedure is stopped and we expect delivery of new healthy cells. Price of 150 USD / 120 EUR must be paid for each mycoplasma testing step, regardless the further production continues or not.
  • Propagation of the hybridoma and determination of antibody concentration in a culture supernatant.
  • Cryopreservation of 2 vials of the hybridoma (back-up storage).
  • Production of hybridoma culture supernatant (concentrated by tangential flow ultrafiltration).
  • Antibody purification
  • Final adjustment (dialysis, concentration and filter-sterilization).
  • QC tests: - antibody concentration by spectrophotometric analysis (A280 nm) - purity of antibody by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analysis - other tests available on demand (FACS, WB et.)
  • Delivery of the antibody to the customer.

Service available for commercial partners only, for orders >100 mg.

For more details, list of available products and pricing, please contact our Sales team at