We Are Grateful for Papers

We are happy if EXBIO brand products help you achieve excellent publication successes!

As a Thank You and as an encouragement to further writing, we appreciate the correct citationof our products in impacted journals with credit for your new purchase of any EXBIO products in the amount of $ 250| € 200 (according to the currency on the invoice).

What do I need to do to get credit for my publication?


  • EXBIO products must be cited as manufactured / supplied by „EXBIO Praha" or„EXBIO Praha, a.s.“
  • The paper must be published in any impacted journal
  • Any author can apply for credit, but only one credit per one article is applicable
  • Credit can only be drawn on the EXBIO brand catalog products, not e.g.for custom services
  • The credit can be drawn within 12 months from the date of issue
  • The offer is valid worldwide unless it is in conflict with local regulations and laws

How to apply:

  • Send us your application by e-mail (info@exbio.cz or technical@exbio.cz)
  • Mention a full citation of the paper
  • Attach a PDF of the paper or link to a free download of the paper


Our team will process your request and send you a discount code for your next order.