Two new antibody clones in our portfolio

B6 is a mouse monoclonal antibody, which recognizes an extracellular epitope of human TCR Vdelta2. This antibody is suitable for flow cytometry.

TCR Vdelta2 is a variant of TCR delta chain, that is present on a major subset of human gamma/delta T cells. TCR Vgamma9/Vdelta2 (or Vgamma2/Vdelta2) T cells are able to recognize and kill various tumor cells, as this receptor heterodimer binds to certain phosphoantigens, expressed by tumors. They can recognize these antigens in an MHC-unrestricted manner. Similarly to NK cells, Vdelta2 T cells express MHC I receptors and killer Ig-like receptors, that are involved in tumor recognition and cytolysis. The potently cytotoxic subset of them is identified by cell surface expression of polysialyated CD56.

Currently available formats:

Anti-Hu TCR Vdelta2 Purified

Flow cytometry surface staining pattern of human peripheral whole blood stained using anti-human TCR Vdelta2 (B6) purified antibody (concentration in sample 0.3 μg/ml; GAM APC).


OX-108 is a mouse monoclonal antibody, which recognizes an extracellular epitope on human CD200R, and is suitable for flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry, and functional applications.

CD200R is a transmembrane glycoprotein, expressed on the surface of myeloid cells. Its interaction with CD200 leads in these cells to a downregulatory signal. This interaction may control myeloid function in a tissue-specific manner. Alternative splicing of CD200R gene results in multiple transcript variants. These isoforms may play a role in differentiation, e.g. regards tolerogenic dendritic cells. Besides myeloid cells, CD200R can be found also on a T cell subset.

Currently available formats:

Anti-Hu CD200R Purified

 Separation of leukocytes stained with anti-human CD200R (OX-108) purified antibody (concentration in sample 5 μg/ml; GAM APC, red-filled) from leukocytes unstained by primary antibody (GAM APC, black-dashed) in flow cytometry analysis (surface staining).


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