Tregs in Flow Cytometry – a NEW paper focusing on neonatal immune system

Regulatory T cells (Tregs) have become an attractive topic of research for their ability to suppress collateral damage triggered by immune responses against pathogens and allergens, and for their role in the process of self-tolerance, as well as maternal tolerance to the fetus during pregnancy, and in maintaining of homeostasis with commensal microbiota.

Recently, Dr. Viktor Cerny and Dr. Jiri Hrdy, together with their colleagues from Institute of Immunology and Microbiology, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Institute for the Care of Mother and Child, Prague, Czech Republic have published a paper Lower Functional and Proportional Characteristics of Cord Blood Treg of Male Newborns Compared with Female Newborns.


Proportional characteristics of Treg were analyzed with flow cytometry using TregFlowEx kit (cat. no. ED7417; EXBIO Praha, a.s.), following the manufacturer’s instructions. Non-stimulated whole blood samples were stained for cell surface markers CD4, and intracellular markers FOXP3 and Helios.

Download the full paper HERE

TregFlowEx Kit (cat. no. ED7417)

TregFlowEx Kit is designed for the detection of regulatory T-cells in human peripheral blood or human umbilical cord blood using flow cytometry. It contains fixation and lysing solution, permeabilizing solution, blocking buffer, cell surface antigens staining reagent (CD4 FITC/CD25 PE), and intracellular antigen staining reagent (FOXP3 APC).

Helios (cat. no. T7-771-T100)

Helios (a tTreg marker) can be detected by a separately provided PE-Cy™7 conjugated antibody (cat. no. T7-771-T100), that is not included in TregFlowEx Kit.

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