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4C8 is a mouse monoclonal antibody, which recognizes an extracellular epitope of CD52. This antibody is suitable for flow cytometry.

CD52 (CAMPATH-1, HE5) is a highly glycosylated GPI-anchored 21-28 kDa glycopeptide which is present at high levels on lymphocytes, macrophages, epithelial cells of male reproductive tract and mature sperm. CD52 can be acquired by sperm cells from seminal plasma, where it is released by epithelial cells. Although CD52 is not an essential T-cell costimulator, its triggering results in activation of normal human T cells. CD52 is a very good target for antibody/complement-mediated cell lysis.

Currently available formats:

Anti-Hu CD52 Purified

Coming soon:

Anti-hu CD52 FITC (Cat. No.: 1F-878-C100)
Anti-hu CD52 PE (Cat. No.: 1P-878-C100)
Anti-hu CD52 APC (Cat. No.: 1A-878-C100)

Fig. 1: Separation of lymphocytes stained with anti-human CD52 (4C8) purified antibody (concentration in the sample 0.6 μg/ml, GAM APC, red-filled) from lymphocytes unstained by primary antibody (GAM APC, black-dashed) in flow cytometry analysis (surface staining).


AYP1 is a mouse monoclonal antibody, which recognizes an epitope within the extracellular part of CLEC2. This antibody is suitable for flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry, immunoprecipitation, and functional application.

CLEC2 (C-type lectin-like receptor 2) functions as a platelet receptor for the lymphatic endothelial marker, PDPN, and mediates platelet activation. Besides platelets, it can be found on myeloid cells and NK cells. CLEC2 functions also as an attachment factor for HIV-1 and facilitates its capture by platelets.

Currently available formats:

Anti-Hu CLEC2 Purified

Coming soon:

Anti-Hu CLEC2 Purified PE (Cat. No.: 1P-892-T100)

Fig. 2: Separation of human CLEC2 positive thrombocytes (red-filled) from human lymphocytes (black-dashed) in flow cytometry analysis (surface staining) of peripheral whole blood stained using anti-human CLEC2 (AYP1) purified antibody (concentration in the sample 1.7 μg/ml, GAM APC).

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