Monocyte Blocking Buffer (ED7747)

EXBIO has added to its portfolio for flow cytometry users a new accessory reagent, Monocyte blocking buffer.

Monocyte Blocking Buffer (ED7747) minimizes monocyte background in immunophenotyping procedures that involve the use of tandem dye monoclonal antibody conjugates.

The content of the vial (1 ml) is sufficient for 100 staining reactions. The solution is ready to use.

Use 10 μl per 100 μl of blood sample (cell suspension).

  • Pipette your monoclonal antibodies into the staining tube.
  • Add Monocyte Blocking Buffer.
  • Add blood sample (cell suspension), mix.
  • Continue according to your staining protocol.

Fig. 1: Example of surface staining pattern with CD19 PE-Cy™7 and CD14 Pacific Blue™ untreated (black) or treated (red) with Monocyte Blocking Buffer. Sample: EDTA-anticoagulated human peripheral blood, healthy donor Staining protocol: 10 μl Monocyte Blocking Buffer with 10 μl CD19 PE-Cy7 (ED7133) and 10 μl CD14 Pacific Blue (ED7505) / 100 μl blood sample; Lyse and Wash Erythrocyte lysis: EXCELLYSE Easy (ED7066)