Detection of mitotic spindle

Due to its essential role in cell division, the mitotic spindle has become an important therapeutic target for anticancer agents such as the Vinca alkaloids or taxanes. However, various mechanisms of developed resistance cause that these drugs often fail to induce desired mitotic block and death of cancer cells. Further investigation of microtubular system, namely full understanding its assembly, dynamics and regulation, is thus an incentive goal both for clinical and basic researchers.
In animal cells, a center of microtubule organization is the centrosome composed of a pair of cylindrical centrioles surrounded by fibrous pericentriolar material. Microtubules are nucleated from γ-tubulin ring structures embedded in the pericentriolar material. Formation of mitotic spindle is preceded by duplication of centrosome during S phase. Before mitosis, both centrosomes increase their microtubule nucleation capacity and form two microtubule asters that are pushed apart from each other by the forces of motor proteins associated at the microtubule surface. Upon nuclear envelope breakdown, formation of spindle apparatus is finalized by binding chromosomal kinetochores to centrosomal microtubules.
Fig. 1: Microtubules of mitotic spindle (α/β tubulin, green) originate from γ-tubulin rings (red) localized to pericentriolar material of centrosomes.


Fig. 2:
Immunocytochemistry staining of tubulin (α/β-tubulin dimers) in HeLa cells using mouse monoclonal antibody TU-10 Alexa Fluor® 488. Mitotic spindle is visible even without detection of DNA.

Anti-tubulin antibodies in our portfolio:


Antigen Clone Format Cat. No. Application
alpha-tubulin TU-01 Purified 11-250-C100 IP, WB, ICC, IHC(P)
Biotin 1B-250-C100 WB, ICC, IHC(P)
FITC 1F-250-C100 FC, ICC
TU-02 Purified 11-447-C100 WB
TU-16 Purified 11-283-C100 IP, WB, ICC, IHC(P), EILSA
beta-tubulin TU-06 Purified 11-251-C100 WB, ICC, IHC(P)
Alexa Fluor® 488 A4-251-C100 FC, WB, ICC, IHC(P)
TU-12 Purified 11-427-C100 WB, ICC
Alexa Fluor® 488 A4-427-C100 FC, WB, ICC
TU-13 Purified 11-444-C100 WB, ICC, IHC(F)
betaIII-tubulin TU-20 Purified 11-264-C100 FC, WB, ICC, IHC(P)
FITC 1F-264-C100 FC, ICC
alpha/beta-tubulin dimers TU-08 Purified 11-445-C100 WB, ICC
TU-10 Purified 11-446-C100 WB, ICC
Alexa Fluor® 488 A4-446-C100 WB, ICC
gamma-tubulin TU-30 Purified 11-465-C100 WB, ICC
Alexa Fluor® 647 A6-465-C100 FC, WB, ICC
TU-32 Purified 11-543-C100 WB, ICC

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