Antibody to CD138 for flow cytometry

Clone MI15

Antibody to CD138 conjugated with Pacific Orange™ is being used in standardized flow cytometry panels (clone B-A38). Here we show that the clone MI15 in Pacific Orange™ provides fully comparable results to those obtained using B-A38.

Currently available formats of MI15

Cat. No.: Format: Quantity:
11-814-C100 Purified 0.1 mg
PO-814-C100 Pacific Orange™ 100 tests
1F-814-T100 FITC 100 tests
1P-814-T100 PE 100 tests
PC-814-T100 PerCP 100 tests
1A-814-T100 APC 100 tests

CD138 (syndecan 1) is a transmembrane proteoglycan that can bind a variety of cytokines and modulate their activity, as well as the activity of extracellular matrix components and influence many developmental processes. It participates in cell proliferation, migration and attachment to the extracellular matrix. CD138 is expressed mainly in differentiating keratinocytes and is transiently upregulated in all layers of the epidermis upon tissue injury. It is also highly expressed on plasma cells and can be detected even on fibroblasts, vascular smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells. Up-regulation and down-regulation of CD138 on the cell surface often correlates with the gain of cancerous characteristics. It is a selective marker of e.g. B cell lymphoblastic leukemias, lymphoplasmocytoid leukemia, or viable myeloma cells. Serum levels of the shedded soluble sCD138 are used as a prognostic factor of cancerogenesis.

The mouse monoclonal antibody MI15 serves to detect extracellular part of human CD138 using flow cytometry (QC tested for each format).

Crossreactivity: Non-human primates, rat.
Other described applications: Immunoprecipitation, Western blotting, Immunohistochemistry (paraffin sections).

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 Aleš Efenberk
Senior Cytometrist at Product Development Department