Assessment of T- cell clonality by flow cytometry

Iuri_Marinov.jpgThe α/ß T- cell receptor (TCR) is a transmembrane heterodimer expressed on >90 % normal T-cells and T-cell lymphomas.

The extracellular part of both α and ß chains comprises constant (C) and variable (V) regions.

The ß constant region contains 2 functionally identical but mutually exclusive isoforms: TRBC1 and TRBC2.

Normal T cells usually represent a mixture of TRBC1+ and TRBC2+ cells, while clonal T-cell population contains either TRBC1+ or TRBC2+ cells.

The monoclonal antibody JOVI.1 recognizes the TRBC1+ region and enables the assessment of clonal restriction of TCR C genes by flow cytometry with 97% sensitivity and 91% specificity.

Assessment of T- cell clonality by flow cytometry is comparable and could replace TCGR molecular study and shows reaching 100% sensitivity and 85% specificity for the diagnosis of LGLL.



Assoc. Prof. Iuri Marinov, CSc.
Head of the Laboratory of Flow Cytometry
Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion



The mouse monoclonal antibody JOVI.1 recognizing an extracellular epitope on TCR Cbeta1 (TRBC1) is available from EXBIO in the following formats:
Format: Cat. No.:
Anti-Hu TCR Cbeta1 Purified 11-850-C100
Anti-Hu TCR Cbeta1 FITC 1F-850-C100
Anti-Hu TCR Cbeta1 PE 1P-850-C100
Anti-Hu TCR Cbeta1 APC 1A-850-C100

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