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We are grateful for papers - details

We appreciate you use EXBIO reagents and we would like to thank you with the product credit for your next order.
Product credit (according to invoice currency)
    •    250 USD
    •    200 EUR
    •    5000 CZK*

How does it work?
1.    Fill the "We are grateful for papers" Application Form (available below)
2.    Email filled form and the article to
3.    Our sales team will contact you with a special code for your next order

Terms and Conditions:
1.    EXBIO must be cited in the article only in the form: EXBIO
2.    Any author can submit the article. We give you 1 product credit per article only.
3.    Journal article must be peer reviewed.
4.    Product credit is valid on catalog items only, not for custom service.
5.    Product credit is valid for one order and expires in 12 months from date of issue.
6.    Offer is valid worldwide.
7.    Void where prohibited. It is the submitter´s responsibility to adhere to their institution´s policies and guidelines.

* Including DPH

download files:

Application form

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