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The great experiences with construction of monoclonal antibodies in former Czechoslovakia can be traced to the end of 70's, when the group of researchers in Institute of Molecular Genetics raised their first hybridomas secreting antibodies of predefined specificity.

Rat basophilic leukemia cells RBL.
Rat basophilic leukemia cells RBL.
Alpha-tubulin is stained with the antibody
TU-01 (red) and vimentin is stained with
the antibody VI-01 (green).
Nuclei are decorated with DAPI (blue).
"In the spring 1980 our research group prepared well characterized monoclonal antibody TU-01," says Dr. Vladimír Viklický, founder of EXBIO, and former group-leader. "The antibody TU-01 was one of the first reagent in the world specifically recognizing alpha-tubulin in cytoskeletal structures and the number of developed and characterized unique monoclonal antibodies continuously increased. Hybridoma technology in Czechoslovakia indeed reached high quality," he continues.

The management of the Institute became aware not only of the scientific impact of developed antibodies, but also appreciated their economic potential.

"It is important to realize the state establishent in these times," points out Dr. Viklický. "In the socialism era it was impossible to found a private company and commercialize the results of successful research. Fortunatelly, the former head of the Institute of Molecular Genetic convinced communist bosses on the importance of monoclonal antibodies for research, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and established Technology Unit that solely manufactured developed antibodies to meet the demands of national socialist industry," describes Dr. Viklický the origin of EXBIO.   

In 1990, soon after the collaps of communist system, the EXBIO trademark appeared on the market. "EXBIO is a typical spin-off company. The Technology Unit was transformed into independent company and the exclusive licence agreement on the use of hybridoma cell lines has been signed with the Institute of Molecular Genetics, explains Dr. Viklický.

"The original aims of our company were over-estimated," today admits Vladimír Viklický, jr.president and CEO of EXBIO. "The Technology Unit also initiated the manufature of immunosupressive drug based on the monoclonal antibody to human CD3 (MEM-57). EXBIO finalized the product and even reached the approval from the State Institute of Drug Control," he says. "In 1994, EXBIO successfully privatized the former biotechnolgy plant for manufacture of vaccines in Olomouc, and we thought that everything goes well. However, we paid dear for the experience to be a biopharm company," says V. Viklický.   

The organization structure of EXBIO changed with the beginning of 1999. Two divisions, located at Prague (division Praha) and Olomouc (division Olomouc), were transformed into independent companies. EXBIO Praha focused solely on the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies.

"We became fully concentrated on the business we are great at - manufacture and sales of monoclonal antibodies on a OEM basis and bulk quantities for wide research applications," says V. Viklický. "Moreover, we clearly demonstrated our ability to commercialize the results acquired from several sucessfull research projects conducted in collaboration with Instititions of Czech Academy of Science. And it is the essence of our rapid economical growth in past two years," he adds.

Significant increase in manufacture and sales allowed the huge investment in building up the brand new facility literally on a green field. The new 800 sq. m. manufacture facility has its own animal house, cryo-preservation site and biological and biochemical laboratories.

"This is the true milestone in the history of EXBIO that finally closes the incubation era in the Technology Park of the Czech Academy of Science and leaves our company completely independent and open for further growth," says V. Viklický, "I am glad to have such team of our people and what we have accomplished together. I really want to thank for their excellent and enormous work."

New building
In September 2010 we experienced another great milestone in the history of our company. We opened the brand new facility "Research and Technology Centre EXBIO", just a few steps from our manufacture facility operating since 2003. The establishment of this new facility was co-funded by European regional development fund (ERDF) under call of Czech Ministry of Industry "POTENTIAL". 

EXBIO has been participating in various research grants, including European large scale integrating FP7 HEALTH projects SYBILLA (Systems Biology of T-cell Activation in Health and Disease) and NANOFOL (Folate-based nanobiodevices for integrated diagnosis / therapy targeting chronic inflammatory diseases) and besides such research activities, the new premises enabled us to broadly expand our R&D activities focused on development of new products, which would better reflect the demands from you, our customers.

In late September 2014 we opened a new facility, the EXBIO Manufacturing Centre. Construction of new facilities and the purchase of new technologies were forced by the ever growing demand for the company’s products from around the world. Important customers include companies from Germany, France, Brazil, China, and Belarus. Building on the style and functionality of the current installations, the new facility was designed to enable production in compliance with international standards. Funding from the EU Structural Funds under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation under the Innovation Programme helped the company to invest in the new facilities and technologies. The total investment in the project amounted to 100 million CZK. The high-tech workplace has generated new highly-specialised job positions. The company anticipates roughly a tenfold increase in production capacity. 

We realize every day that our achievements would have not been possible without your continuous support.


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