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Monoclonal Antibody Production

Current information:
Due to capacity reasons we must temporarily suspend this service.


Reliable and cost effective, EXBIO is ready to maintain your hybridoma and produce on demand your mouse, rat, or hamster monoclonal antibody in bulk quantities.
You supply the hybridoma and we will produce the antibodies following a proven process that yields the highest quality results:

Receipt of hybridoma cells from a customer.
Testing for the presence of mycoplasma. In case of mycoplasma presence, the procedure is stopped and we expect delivery of new healthy cells. Price of 150 USD / 120 EUR must be paid for each mycoplasma testing step, regardless the further production continues or not.

Propagation of the hybridoma and determination of antibody concentration in a culture supernatant.
Cryopreservation of 2 vials of the hybridoma (back-up storage).
Production of hybridoma culture supernatant (concentrated by tangential flow ultrafiltration).
Antibody purification
Final adjustment (dialysis, concentration and filter-sterilization).
QC tests:
   • antibody concentration by spectrophotometric
analysis (A280 nm)
   • purity of antibody by SDS-PAGE analysis
Delivery of the antibody to the customer.


In case of your interest, please:


1/ fill the Custom manufacture and Purification forms attached below and send it by fax (+420 261 090 660) or by e-mail to us


2/ we will reply to you by e-mail and discuss with you all necessary details


3/ then we will ask you to send us an official Purchase Order and the cells by any courier (UPS, FedEx, TNT...)


4/ we will confirm you acceptance of your Purchase Order and delivery of your cells


5/ when your product is ready, we will contact you again and inform you about the despatch date of your product, courier tracking number and all other details.


 Monoclonal Antibody Production Prices per mg of antibody:


Cat. No.:Service:50 - 100 mg101- 200 mg200+ mg
InquiryProduction of IgG monoclonal antibody25 EUR
20 EUR
InquiryProduction of IgM monoclonal antibody30 EUR
25 EUR
Costs of Mycoplasma testing (150 USD / 120 EUR) are not included in this calculation.


For further details, please contact us by e-mail here...

EXBIO Praha, a.s. can refuse the order due to bad quality of the input hybridoma cells (contamination, low viability, low production) and in this case will not charge the customer the production service.
Output quality tests in custom antibody manufacture include purity and concentration test of the product prepared according to the customer’s specifications in the custom manufacture / purification questionnaire. EXBIO is not responsible for events affecting quality of the antibody caused by nature of the hybridoma (wrong hybridoma, mixed population etc.) or by inappropriate specification provided by the customer (purification method etc.). In these cases the customers will be charged the production service fee, regardless of whether the product meets their expectations (other than the concentration), or not.

download files:

Custom manufacture form A
PDF format, 44 kB
Purification form P
PDF format, 42 kB

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