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Antigen Clone Research area Protocol
Acidic Cytokeratins AE1    
Actin (muscle) HHF35    
AGR3 AGR3.2   Recommended dilution: 1 μg/ml
Positive tissue: breast cancer
AGR3 AGR3.1   Recommended dilution: 1 μg/ml
Positive tissue: breast cancer
AHNAK1 EM-09    
Basic Cytokeratins AE3    
Bcl2 Bcl-2/100    
beta Endorphin B31.15    
beta-tubulin TU-13    
CD1a HI149    
CD1b SN13    
CD101 BB27    
CD102 / ICAM-2 CBR-IC2/2    
CD103 Ber-ACT8    
CD105 MEM-229   Recommended dilution: 1:200
Application note:acetone fixation
CD105 (mouse) MJ7/18    
CD106 STA   Application note:acetone fixation
CD107a H4A3    
CD107b H4B4    
CD11a (mouse) M17/4   Positive tissue:mouse spleen or thymus
Application note:acetone fixation
CD11b ICRF44    
CD11b (mouse) M1/70    
CD11c BU15    
CD112 R2.525    
CD116 4H1    
CD117 104D2    
CD120a H398    
CD123 6H6    
CD13 WM15    
CD134 Ber-ACT35    
CD144 55-7H1    
CD146 P1H12    
CD15 MMA    
CD151 50-6    
CD152 BNI3    
CD157 SY11B5    
CD16 3G8   Application note:acetone fixation
CD161 (rat) 10/78    
CD163 GHI/61    
CD165 SN2   Application note: acetone fixation
CD169 / Siglec-1 7-239    
CD170 / Siglec-5 1A5    
CD18 MEM-48    
CD18 (mouse) M18/2    
CD19 (mouse) 1D3    
CD20 2H7    
CD200 OX-104    
CD205 HD30    
CD206 15-2    
CD21 LT21    
CD235a HIR2    
CD235a JC159    
CD24 SN3 Cluster Differentiation Markers Positive tissue: tonsil
CD243 UIC2    
CD25 (mouse) PC61.5    
CD266 / TWEAK R ITEM-4    
CD274 / PD-L1 29E.2A3   acetone fixation
CD279 / PD-1 EH12.2H7    
CD28 CD28.2    
CD28 (mouse) 37.51    
CD3 UCHT1   Application note: The epitope for UCHT1, CD3 is resistant to fixation. For purposes where pre-fixed cells are stained, this antibody is recommended.
CD3 SK7    
CD3 OKT3    
CD3 activation epitope APA1/1    
CD3 (mouse) 145-2C11    
CD30 Ber-H8    
CD314 1D11    
CD324 / E-Cadherin 67A4   Recommended dilution:4-8 μg/ml
Positive tissue:tonsil
CD326 / EpCAM VU-1D9    
CD33 WM53   Application note: acetone fixation
CD34 QBEnd-10    
CD34 581    
CD35 E11   Application note:acetone fixation
CD38 HIT2    
CD4 (mouse) GK1.5    
CD41a HIP8    
CD41b HIP2    
CD41 (mouse) MWReg30    
CD42b HIP1    
CD44 IM7    
CD45 HI30    
CD45R (human, mouse) RA3-6B2    
CD45R0 UCHL1   Positive tissue: tonsil
CD47 MEM-122    
CD49b / Integrin alpha 2 AK7    
CD49c / Integrin alpha 3 ASC-1    
CD49d / Integrin alpha 4 9F10    
CD5 CRIS1    
CD5 (mouse) 53-7.3    
CD53 MEM-53   It is suitable for discrimination of lymphomas from other tumors.
CD54 1H4   Recommended dilution: 5-10 μg/ml
CD54 (mouse) YN1/1.7.4   Application note:acetone fixation
CD57 TB01    
CD61 VIPL2    
CD62L DREG56    
CD62L / L-Selectin (mouse) MEL-14    
CD64 10.1   Application note:There can occur problems with paraformaldehyde fixation
CD66e CB30 Tumour Markers  
CD68 Y1/82A    
CD69 FN50    
CD79a HM57   Recommended dilution:10 μg/ml
CD8a (mouse) 53-6.7   Recommended dilution: 1:1000
Application note: Formaldehyde fixation is not recommended, acetone fixation is preferred.
CD8a (rat) OX-8    
CD8b (rat) 341    
CD80 16-10A1    
CD83 HB15e   Application note:acetone fixation
CD86 BU63    
CD86 (mouse) GL-1    
CD90 5E10    
Cyclin D1 CD1.1   Recommended dilution: 2 μg/ml
Positive tissue: colon
Cyclin D1 DCS-6    
Cytokeratin 10+13 DE-K13 Intermediate Filaments: Cytokeratins Recommended dilution: Use at an assay dependent dilution.
GFAP GF-02    
HLA-ABCE TP25.99SF    
HLA-Class I W6/32    
HLA-DR L243    
HLA-G MEM-G/2    
HLA-G 87G   Recommended dilution: 10 μg/ml
Incubation: 20 min at 25C
Positive tissue: extravillous cytotrophoblast
HLA-G 01G    
HLA-G 2A12    
HLA-G 5A6G7   Recommended dilution:10 μg/ml
Positive tissue: placenta tissue
HLA-G MEM-G/11    
HLA-G MEM-G/1    
HLA-G MEM-G/9    
IgA secretory component SC-05   examples of positive human tissues: secretory mucosa of gastrointestinal and respiratory tract, epithelia of salivary glands, endometrium, endocervix, kidney, prostate, mammary gland.
Ig light chain (bovine) IVA285-1    
Kappa light chains A8B5    
Lambda light chains 4C2    
Ly6G (mouse) RB6-8C5    
MAP2 MT-07   Positive tissue: Mouse brain
MAP2ab MT-08   Positive tissue: Mouse brain
MHC Class II (mouse) M5/114    
Mouse IgG1 Isotype Control MOPC-21    
Mouse IgG2b Isotype Control MPC-11    
Neurofilament heavy protein NF-05    
Nitrotyrosine EM-30   Recommended dilution:10 μg/ml
Positive tissue:colon cancer epithelium, prostate hyperplasia
NK1.1 / CD161bc (mouse) PK136    
Notch 1 mN1A    
PCNA PC10    
Perforin dG9    
Placental alkaline phosphatase H7E8    
TCR alpha/beta (rat) R73    
TCR beta (mouse) H57-597    
TCR gamma/delta B1    
TCR gamma/delta (rat) V65    
TNF-alpha MAb11   Application note:paraformaldehyde-fixed, saponin-treated frozen tissue sections
5-bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) Bu20a    

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