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Antigen Clone Application
CD102 / ICAM-2 CBR-IC2/2 blocking
CD11a MEM-25 The antibody MEM-25 partially blocks binding of LFA-1 complex to ICAM-1.
CD11a MEM-83 The antibody MEM-83 directly induces the binding of T cells to purified ICAM-1. Using an in vitro-translated CDlla cDNA deletion series, the MEM-83 activation epitope was mapped to the "I" domain of the LFA-1 alpha subunit. The studies have therefore identified a novel LFA-1 activation epitope mapping to the I domain of LFA-1, which could play a role in the regulation of LFA-1 binding to ICAM-1.
CD11a (mouse) M17/4 Blocking
CD11b ICRF44 blocking of granulocyte activation
CD11b MEM-170 The antibody MEM-170 blocks (not completely) Mac-1-mediated neutrophil binding to fibrinogen.
CD11b activation epitope CBRM1/5 blocking
CD11b (mouse) M1/70 In vitro blocking of CD11b
CD120a H398 blocking
CD122 TU27 blocking
CD129 / IL-9R alpha AH9R7 blocking
CD13 WM15 The antibody WM15 inhibits infection of cells by human coronavirus and inhibits aminopeptidase N activity of the CD13 molecule immunoprecipitates.
CD137 / 4-1BB 4B4-1 inhibition of cytokine production
CD14 MEM-18 The antibody MEM-18 completely blocks binding of fluorescein (FITC) – labeled bacterial LPS to the monocyte surface and it also blocks the binding of CD14 to the extracellular TLR2 domain.
CD142 HTF-1 blocking
CD147 MEM-M6/6 The antibody MEM-M6/6 (high-affinity mAb of unique epitope specificity) inhibits anti-CD3-induced T cell activation.
CD154 / CD40L 24-31 blocking
CD154 / CD40L (mouse) MR-1 Blocking T cell costimulation in vivo.
CD158d / KIR2DL4 mAb#33 Cytokine secretion studies
CD16 3G8 In vitro Stimulation of NK cell proliferation, blocking of IgG binding and phagocytosis, inhibition of cytotoxic activity, in vivo NK cell depletion
CD16 MEM-154 The antibody MEM-154 blocks binding of human IgG to FcgammaRIII.
CD169 / Siglec-1 7-239 inhibition of erythrocyte rosetting with cells expressing cd169
CD178 / Fas-L NOK-1 blocking
CD18 MEM-148 The antibody MEM-148 induces homotypic cell aggregation and high-affinity LFA-1 conformation in resting leukocytes.
CD18 MEM-48 The antibody MEM-48 induces high-affinity conformation of LFA-1 complex.
CD18 (mouse) M18/2 Blocking or stimulation
CD180 G28-8 induction of B cell proliferation
CD184 / CXCR4 12G5 blocking
CD19 (mouse) 1D3 This antibody can induce down-regulation of CD19, affecting the proportions of B cell subpopulations.
CD2 TS1/8 blocking
CD200 OX-104 blocking
CD206 15-2 blocking
CD229 HLy9.25 Regulation of activation
CD243 UIC2 inhibition
CD25 (mouse) PC61.5 In vitro blocking of IL-2 binding to its receptor (CD25) and inhibition of IL-2 stimulated cell growth. In vivo depletion of CD25 positive cells.
CD253 / TRAIL 2E5 The antibody 2E5 has high neutralizing activity for human TRAIL in biological assays.
CD255 / TWEAK CARL-1 neutralization
CD261 / TRAIL-R1 DR-4-02 Soluble antibody DR-4-02 blocks apoptosis triggered by a ligand (TRAIL).
Plastic-immobilized (cross-linked) DR-4-02 antibody induces apoptosis in sensitive cells.
Recommended dilution of antibody: 2-3 μg/ml in cultivation medium
Final concentration of TRAIL: 20-200 ng/ml
Application note: It is recommended to add the antibody 15 min before addition of TRAIL.
CD266 / TWEAK R ITEM-4 blocking
CD273 / PD-L2 24F.10C12 blocking
CD274 / PD-L1 29E.2A3 blocking
CD279 / PD-1 EH12.2H7 blocking
CD28 CD28.2 T cell costimulation
CD28 (mouse) 37.51 In vitro and in vivo T cell costimulation
CD28 (rat) JJ319 in vitro costimulation
CD3 MEM-57 The antibody MEM-57 has strong mitogenic effect on peripheral T lymphocytes; it reacts strongly with gamma/delta T lymphocytes.
CD3 OKT3 counteracting both generation and function of effector T cells
CD3 MEM-92 The antibody MEM-92 in solution induces early responses of T cell activation (tyrosine phosphorylation, calcium elevation, Erk activation and expression of activation antigens), but it is unable to induce T cell proliferation.
CD3 UCHT1 The immobilized UCHT1 antibody initiates a signaling pathway resulting in T cell activation and proliferation.
CD3 (mouse) 145-2C11 Induction of T cell activation, proliferation or apoptosis (depending on conditions); in vivo T cell depletion
CD300e UP-H2 stimulation
CD314 1D11 blocking of ligand binding
CD33 WM53 Induction of cytokine production
CD34 QBEnd-10 The antibody QBEnd-10 induces homotypic adhesion of leukemic cell line.
CD4 MEM-115 The antibody MEM-115 blocks binding of HIV gp120 to CD4 molecule and it also strongly inhibits CD4-MHC Class II interactions.
CD4 EM4 blocking
CD4 (mouse) GK1.5 Isolation and depletion of CD4+ T cells, blocking of ligand binding to CD4.
CD41 (mouse) MWReg30 platelet depletion
CD42b HIP1 The antibody HIP1 inhibits the ristocetin-dependent binding of von Willebrand Factor (vWF) to platelets and ristocetin-induced platelet agglutination.
CD43 MEM-59 The antibody MEM-59 activates T lymphocytes and also induces apoptosis in hemopoietic progenitor cells.
CD45 HI30 blocking CD45 functions
CD45R (human, mouse) RA3-6B2 modulation of B cell responses
CD49d / Integrin alpha 4 9F10 in vitro T cell costimulation
CD50 MEM-04 The antibody MEM-04 blocks DC-SIGN (CD209) binding to ICAM-3 (epitope in D1).
CD53 MEM-53 The antibody MEM-53 induces activation of monocytes and B lymphocytes.
CD54 (mouse) YN1/1.7.4 Blocking
CD59 MEM-129 The antibody MEM-129 activates T cells.
CD62L DREG56 Particularly effective in blocking of lymphocyte CD62L-mediated binding to peripheral lymph node HEV
CD62L / L-Selectin (mouse) MEL-14 Blocking of cell adhesion
CD62P AK4 Blocking
CD64 10.1 blocking of IgG binding to the FcgammaR1
CD69 FN50 When stimulating peripheral blood T cells, FN50 antibody together with TPA synergistically increases cell volume and RNA/DNA synthesis. Addition of FN50 to stimulated peripheral blood B cells has similar, but weaker effect.
CD8a (mouse) 53-6.7 Isolation and depletion of CD8+ cells, blocking of cytotoxicity, inhibition of CD8+ T cell proliferation.
CD8a (rat) OX-8 blocking
CD8b (rat) 341 Macrophage stimulation, in vitro blocking of allogenic responses
CD80 16-10A1 Blocking
CD81 M38 In human MOLT-4 T-cell line the antibody M38 inhibits syncytium formation induced by coculture with human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1)-positive human T-cell lines.
CD82 C33 In human MOLT-4 T-cell line the antibody C33 inhibits syncytium formation induced by coculture with human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1)-positive human T-cell lines.
CD84 CD84.1.21 Enhancement of CD3-induced IFN-gamma production
CD85g / ILT7 17G10.2 activation
CD85j / ILT2 GHI/75 blocking HLA-G induced TGF-beta1 production
CD86 BU63 The antibody BU63 blocks mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) and binding of soluble CTLA-4 (CD152)-mulg fusion protein to CD86 (B7-2).
CD86 (mouse) GL-1 Blocking
CD9 MEM-61 The antibody MEM-61 induces FcγR-dependent platelet aggregation.
CD9 (bovine) IVA50 The antibody IVA50 activates bovine thrombocytes.
CD90.2 / Thy-1.2 (mouse) 1aG4/C5 The bound of antibody 1aG4/C5 to the transfected mast cells induces the activation processes which are similar, but not identical, to the antigen activation of IgE stimulated cells.
Other studies approve that the antibody 1aG4/C5 precipitates complexes with Lyn protein tyrosine kinase.
CD95 / Fas EOS9.1 in vitro induction of apoptosis
CD95 / Fas UT-1 The antibody UT-1 induces Fas-mediated apoptosis.
Cyclin D1 DCS-6 blocking
DLL4 MHD4-46 blocking
HIV protease 1696 The antibody 1696 strongly inhibits the enzyme activity of HIV-1 and HIV-2 proteases.
HLA-Class I W6/32 The antibody W6/32 is suitable as a positive control for HLA tissue typing.
HLA-DR L243 blocking
HLA-G 87G Application note: The antibody 87G blocks interaction of HLA-G with inhibitory receptors.
IFN-gamma NIB42 neutralization
IFN-gamma 4S.B3 Neutralization (weak)
Insulin IN-05 The antibody IN-05 blocks binding of insulin to the receptor.
Ly6G (mouse) RB6-8C5 Neutrophil depletion
MHC Class II (mouse) M5/114 Blocking of T cell proliferative responses
NK1.1 / CD161bc (mouse) PK136 in vivo depletion of NK cells and NK-T cells
TCR alpha/beta (rat) R73 in vitro activation and in vivo depletion of TCR alpha/beta T cells
TCR beta (mouse) H57-597 In vitro T cell stimulation; In vivo T cell depletion
TCR beta (Vbeta5.3-related) MEM-262 Activates T cells (V beta 5-related subset)
TCR gamma/delta B1 blocking
TCR gamma/delta (rat) V65 in vitro activation, in vivo depletion of gamma/delta T cells
TNF-alpha MAb1 neutralization
TNF-alpha MAb11 neutralization
Transferrin HTF-14 The antibody HTF-14 blocks binding of transferrin to the receptor.

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