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Mouse Monoclonal to CD133/1

W6B3C1 (IgG1)

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CD133 (prominin 1) is a 5-transmembrane glycoprotein with extracellular N- and intracellular C-terminus. CD133 function remains to be elucidated, but it can be used as a cancer stem cell marker. Its expression pattern in progenitor cells is similar to CD34, i.e. on hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow, cord blood, neural stem cells, retinoblastoma, or endothelial precursor cells (not mature endothelial cells). It is being used for identification and isolation of hematopoietic stem cells, including isolation for stem cell transplantation. Expression of CD133 correlates with differentiation of human colon cancer cells.


The mouse monoclonal antibody W6B3C1 recognizes a glycosylated epitope 1 on human CD133, a 120 kDa glycoprotein of prominin family, expressed e.g. on progenitor cells. This antibody is important for identification of stem cells and tumor cells.
HLDA VII Workshop


WERI-RB-1 retinoblastoma cell line

Species Reactivity:

  • Human

Negative Species:


  • Flow Cytometry
  • Western Blotting
  • Immunohistochemistry
Usage note:
Indicated dilutions are recommended starting points for use of this product. Working concentrations should be determined by the investigator.

Product Specific References

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  • For research use only. Not for drug, diagnostic or other use.

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