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Mouse Monoclonal to CD107b / LAMP-2

H4B4 (IgG1)

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CD107b (lysosome-associated membrane protein-2, LAMP-2), together with CD107a / LAMP-1, is a major constituent of lysosomal membrane. The LAMP proteins are involved in lysosome biogenesis and are required for fusion of lysosomes with phagosomes, especially CD107b is important regulator in successful phagosomal maturation. CD107b deficiency causes an accumulation of autophagosomes in many tissues leading to cardiomyopathy and myopathy (Danons disease). Immature CD107b is an approximately 45 kDa protein, but after extensive glycosylation the mature glycoprotein has about 100-120 kDa.


The mouse monoclonal antibody H4B4 recognizes CD107b / LAMP-2, an extensively glycosylated 100-120 kDa widely expressed lysosome-associated protein.
HLDA V.; WS Code P007

Regulatory Status


Human PBMC

Species Reactivity:

  • Human

Negative Species:

  • Mouse
  • Rat


  • Flow Cytometry
  • Western Blotting
  • Immunohistochemistry (paraffin sections)
  • Immunohistochemistry (frozen sections)
  • Immunocytochemistry
Usage note:
Indicated dilutions are recommended starting points for use of this product. Working concentrations should be determined by the investigator.

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  • *And many other.
  • For research use only. Not for drug, diagnostic or other use.

    Example Data

    H4B4 AF488

    Fig. 1. Surface staining of human peripheral blood with anti-CD107b (H4B4) Alexa Fluor® 488.

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