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Mouse Monoclonal to HLA-G

G233 (IgG2a)

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The antibody G233 recognizes several isoforms of HLA-G expressed in all populations of extravillous trophoblast (cell columns, interstitial trophoblast, endovascular trophoblast, placental bed giant cells). HLA-G belongs to the nonclassical MHC Class I molecules (MHC Class Ib).
The antibody G233 has been found not to cross-react with any other MHC Class I antigens (HLA-A, -B, -C, -E, -F).

Regulatory Status


HLA-A2.1/human beta2-microglobulin double transgenic mice were immunized with murine L cells transfected with both human beta2-microglobulin and HLA-G.

Species Reactivity:

  • Human

Negative Species:


  • Flow Cytometry
    Recommended dilution:5-10 μg/ml
  • Immunoprecipitation
Usage note:
Indicated dilutions are recommended starting points for use of this product. Working concentrations should be determined by the investigator.

Product Specific References

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  • For research use only. Not for drug, diagnostic or other use.

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    G233 pur

    Fig. 1. Surface staining of HLA-G in HLA-G transfectants using anti-HLA-G (G233) purified / GAM-APC.

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