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Mouse Monoclonal to TRIM / TRAT1

TRIM-04 (IgG2a)

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TRIM (T cell receptor-interacting molecule), also known as TRAT1 (T cell receptor associated transmembrane adaptor 1) is a 30 kDa protein expressed by T cells as a cystein-linked homodimer. It associates with TCR-CD3-zeta-chain complex and becomes phosphorylated by Src-family kinases. TRIM is potentially involved in negative regulation of TCR-mediated signaling, but its role remains unclear.


The antibody TRIM-04 reacts with T cell receptor-interacting molecule (TRIM), a 30 kDa adaptor protein expressed by T cells.

Regulatory Status


Recombinant intracellular domain (aa 29-186) of human TRIM.

Species Reactivity:

  • Human

Negative Species:

  • Mouse


  • Flow Cytometry
    Staining technique:
    intracellular staining
    Application note
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Western Blotting
    Application note: Non-reducing conditions.
Usage note:
Indicated dilutions are recommended starting points for use of this product. Working concentrations should be determined by the investigator.

General references

  • *Huynh T, Wurch A, Bruyns E, Korinek V, Schraven B, Eichmann K.: Developmentally regulated expression of the transmembrane adaptor protein trim in fetal and adult T cells. Scand J Immunol. 2001 Jul-Aug;54(1-2):146-54. [Abstract]
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  • Product Specific References

  • *Kirchgessner H, Dietrich J, Scherer J, Isomaki P, Korinek V, Hilgert I, Bruyns E, Leo A, Cope AP, Schraven B.: The transmembrane adaptor protein TRIM regulates T cell receptor (TCR) expression and TCR-mediated signaling via an association with the TCR zeta chain. J Exp Med. 2001 Jun 4;193(11):1269-84. [Abstract] [Full Text]
  • For research use only. Not for drug, diagnostic or other use.

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  • Example Data

    Fig. 1

    Fig. 1: Western blot of human Jurkat T cell line lysate (1% laurylmaltoside); non-reduced sample, immunostained by  mAb TRIM-04 and goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L)-HRP conjugate.

    TRIM-04 PE

    Fig. 2: Intracellular staining of human peripheral blood with  mAb TRIM-04 PE.

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