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Antigen Clone Applications
Basic Cytokeratins AE3 IHC(F), IHC(P), WB
Bcl2 Bcl-2/100 WB, FC, ICC, IP, IHC(F), IHC(P)
Benzo[a]pyrene BAP-13 ELISA, ICC
beta-Catenin EM-22 WB, ICC, IP, FC
beta Endorphin B31.15 IHC(P), IHC(F)
beta-Galactosidase BG-02 ICC, WB
betaIII-tubulin TU-20 FC, IHC(P), ICC, WB
beta-tubulin TU-06 WB, ICC, IHC(P)
beta-tubulin TU-12 WB, ICC
beta-tubulin TU-13 WB, IHC(F), ICC
beta2-Microglobulin B2M-01 RIA, ELISA, IHC(P), FC, ICC, IP, WB
beta2-Microglobulin B2M-02 IHC(P), ELISA, FC, WB
Bim (mouse) Ham151-149 FC, IP, WB, ICC
Blood Group A HE-195 AGG
Blood Group A HE-193 AGG, IHC(P)
Blood Group ABH HE-10 IHC(P)
Blood Group A1B HE-24 AGG
Blood Group B HEB-29 IHC(P), AGG
Blood Group Lewis a 7LE ELISA, WB, IHC(P)
Blood Group Lewis b 2-25LE WB, ELISA, IHC(P)

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