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SpermFlowEx® Kit

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SpermFlowEx® Kit is suitable for analysis of the following parameters in human semen:
sperm count
leucocyte count
viability test
acrosome integrity
intra-acrosomal protein detection

Regulatory Status


SpermFlowEx® Kit contains following reagents:
1. ED7079-1
Intra-acrosomal protein/FITC - mouse monoclonal antibody to intra-acrosomal protein (clone Hs-8) conjugated with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC).
Quantity: 500 µl
2. ED7079-2
CD45/PE-Cy™5 - mouse monoclonal antibody to CD45 (clone MEM-28) conjugated with PE-Cy™5 dye.
Quantity: 0.25 ml
3. ED7079-3
Fluorescent Count Standard - 2 ml of fluorescent beads, 1 x 106 particles/ml.
4. ED7079-4
Propidium Iodide
Quantity: 0.25 ml
5. ED7079-5
Permeabilizing Solution
Quantity: 25 ml

Product Specific References

  • *Pěknicová J, Chládek D, Hozák P (2005) Monoclonal antibodies against sperm intra-acrosomal antigens as markers for male infertility diagnostics and estimation of spermatogenesis. Am J Reprod Immunol. 53(1): 42-9

  • *Krátká Z, Luxová ©, Vik V: Flow cytometry analysis of sperm quality in sub-fertile men. Ces Urol 2017; 21(3): 277-286
  • Example Data

    Flow cytometry analysis of human sperma using Sperm FlowEx® Kit. Upper part represents analysis of sperm count by using fluorescent count beads standard and surface staining of human semen with anti-CD45 PE-CyTM5. Lower part represents staining of human sperms with PI (left) and anti-Intra acrosomal protein (Hs-8) FITC (right).

    ED7079 FC
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