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IngoFlowEx® Kit

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The IngoFlowEx® Kit is intended for quantification of phagocytic activity of human granulocytes and monocytes by measuring the ingestion of fluorescently labeled E. coli bacteria in human heparinized whole blood using flow cytometry.

Regulatory Status


IngoFlowEx® Kit contains following reagents:

1. ED7040-1
E. coli-FITC (ready to use) - amber glass vial containing 1 ml of a suspension of fluorescein-labeled opsonized E. coli strain K-12. Vial is intended for 100 reactions.

2. ED7040-2
Quenching solution (ready to use) - vial containing 20 ml of buffered solution of trypan blue, dark blue solution. Vial is intended for 200 reactions.

3. ED7040-3
10x Lysing solution (10x concentrated solution) - vial containing 60 ml of 10x concentrated transparent solution of fixative-lysing agent. Vial is intended to prepare 600 ml of 1x Lysing solution, i.e. 200 reactions.

4. ED7040-4
25x Wash buffer (25x concentrated solution) - vial containing 80 ml of concentrated wash buffer. Vial is intended to prepare 2 liters of 1x Wash buffer, i.e. 222 reactions.

5. ED7040-5
DNA Staining Solution (ready to use) - amber vial containing 60 ml of pinkish solution of propidium iodide. Each vial is intended for 200 reactions.


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