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EXCELLYSE® Easy 100 ml

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10x concentrated lysing solution 100 ml (1000-2000 tests)

The EXCELLYSE® Easy 100 ml lysing solution is intended for red blood cell lysis following antibody staining of human peripheral blood leukocytes. The lysing solution is appropriate for use with EXBIO single colour monoclonal antibodies and KOMBITEST™ reagents and can be used in both lyse/wash and lyse/no wash protocol.

Features for lyse/no wash protocol:
1-step lysing procedure
Suitable for lymphocyte gating via CD45 staining

Regulatory Status


EXCELLYSE® Easy lysing solution is a 10x concentrated reagent provided as 100 ml package. This quantity is sufficient for 1000-2000 tests. The reagent must be diluted 1:10 with deionized water prior to use.

Usage and storage

10 concentrated EXCELLYSE® Easy store at 2-25 C. The prepared solution (1 concentrated) is stable for 1 month when stored at room temperature.


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