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CD34 QuantiFlowEx® Kit

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The CD34 QuantiFlowEx® Kit is intended for identification and percentage enumeration of total viable CD34+ stem cells from total viable leucocytes in specimens with determined white blood cell (WBC) count. The following specimens can be analyzed using the CD34 QuantiFlowEx® Kit: normal and mobilized peripheral blood, fresh and thawed leukapheresis products, fresh and thawed bone marrow, and fresh and thawed cord blood. The kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in combination with a flow cytometer equipped with appropriate light scatter and fluorescence detectors and appropriate software for data acquisition and analysis.

Regulatory Status


CD34 QuantiFlowEx® Kit contains following reagents:

1. ED7080-1
Staining Reagent; 1 ml of pre-mixed cocktail of anti-CD45 FITC, clone MEM-28, and anti-CD34 PE, clone 4H11(APG), monoclonal antibodies.

2. ED7080-2
7-AAD; 1 ml of pre-diluted 7-aminoactinomycin-D cell viability dye.

3. ED7080-3
Lysing Solution; 15 ml of 10x concentrated ammonium chloride-based solution for red blood cell lysis. Solution is fixative-free.


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